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Several new media things jump out today… Facebook is such an amazing tool for tracking legislation going through the legislative process. The Sunday Sales/Senate Bill 10 may or may not be before the Rules Committee today.

Advocates such as Rich Sullivan and co. are at the Georgia State Capitol now Tweeting and posting Facebook updates about this one bill’s progress.

Lobbyista, media, advocates and ordinary folk, take note! Could save tons on tasseled loafer polishing costs by not having to hoof it along the hallways of the Gold Dome. Watch and learn from the comfort of your connection.

Then again, just being at the Capitol on a busy day is exciting in itself. Go live and in person whenever you can. Just report back for us what is going on… as it happens. Social media tools make it very easy to do. (They’ve got great wi-fi at the Dome.)

Other quick note… when giving interviews to text-only outlets avoid passive language, such as Michael Bond’s here. While it’s earnest, and might work in a broadcast environment, it always prints bad.

Councilman Michael Julian Bond pointed out that Sandy Springs and DeKalb County have full government participation and the continual council snubs are “almost getting to the point where it is beginning to be offensive.”

Elsewhere, Bob Barr believes in the intended effects of mass media propaganda. The best money can buy. Cute, huh?

One more… from what I hear, bloggers are already revolting on donating free content to @11AliveNews/@gannett‘s Where U Live project. Must give back, news farms! Must.

Think of better ways to give back to the blogger (on-air time comes to mind), and you might get more better content from ’em.

Today is the deadline to nominate your fave Georgia journo/blogger now for The Atlanta Press Club 2010 awards. It’s easy to do. That’s it for the morning. Make it a great use of new media day!

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Seeds and stems, this being the weekend:

  • Carol Porter asks on her Facebook… what do Georgians care more about, Nathan Deal’s State of the State address or her chicken salad recipe? I think we all know the answer to that. Recipe here.
  • PolitiFactGA has a cute Deal-O-Meter graphic. Not as cute as kittens playing piano, but cute!
  • City of Atlanta has at least one friend in its social network at the Gold Dome, Speaker of the House David Ralston.

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Welcome To Look Under!

Hello fellow Georgia political junkies! This is your online mistress of ceremonies, Grayson Daughters, or SpaceyG on Twitter.

Come January 10, 2011 I will be headed back down to the Gold Dome – the Georgia General Assembly during the legislative session to work a MSM project.

Lurking behind the scenes during all of the 2010 very long legislative session led me to understand that there is a great information and media gap under Georgia’s Gold Dome — that should, of course, be filled.

As I will be lurking under the Gold Dome once more, I am probably the best candidate to give you the behind-the-scenes, off-the-beaten-path perspectives on what I see and hear while snooping in our state’s great capitol building. Again.

So whether it’s the latest styles of the stripper-heels along Babe Alley, or who still thinks they’re going to do things *hawk* style in the committees, I’ll be putting my unusual media right here in one easy-to-find place.

If you are also going to be a Gold Dome lurker during the 2011 legislative session and would like posting privileges here, please get in touch.

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