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You want action, kiddies? Trust that the Garden Club of Georgia ladies will be flooding the State Capitol this week, kicking ass and taking names over (ugly, tree-cutting) HB 179.

Those power-ladies do NOT mess around. They know their way around some greenie legislation like nobody’s business too. Been at it a long, long, long time.

Wanna know how to lobby? Watch and learn from those women this week as that legislation moves through the legislative process.

From the Florida Times-Union:

The women of the Garden Club of Georgia have been battling for almost two decades over whether billboard owners can cut down trees on highway rights of way to make their signs visible. House Bill 179 by Rep. Jon Burns, R-Newington, relaxes some of the restrictions as a way to help lower costs for the sign owners and their advertisers in hopes of stimulating job creation.

I’m sure the Garden Club of GA ladies, being of a somewhat older demo, could sure use some social media assistance on getting through to legislators on this issue. The bill passed the House, but is now in a *House Notice To Reconsider* status. Which I assume means a gross re-write status before another vote. HB179 bill sponsors are:

(1) Burns, Jon 157th
(2) Roberts, Jay 154th
(3) England, Terry 108th
(4) Bryant, Bob 160th
(5) Hamilton, Mark 23rd
(6) Benton, Tommy 31st

Need their email addresses/phone numbers? Just click here:

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