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Sorry, but someone’s gotta ask it, and it always ends-up being me. Why was Nathan Deal wearing a worn sweatshirt at his first press conference? He looked like Santa the day after Christmas. Worn the heck out. Already? White male leadership usually manages to scramble on at least a logo’d windbreaker from a lobbyist in times of crisis.

Shaking my PR head now, as someone over there should know better’n that. To let a leader appear disheveled in public? That’s pretty much something a handler type would learn in media kindergarten. Jeez.

NOTE: photo was stolen from AJC. Sorry. I’ll take it down if y’all insist. But I’m snowed in, so not much of my own personal smart phone media being generated right now, except for that totally cute dog sledding video that ended-up all over CNN. Until then, I’ll have to cop others’.

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