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Seeds and stems, this being the weekend:

  • Carol Porter asks on her Facebook… what do Georgians care more about, Nathan Deal’s State of the State address or her chicken salad recipe? I think we all know the answer to that. Recipe here.
  • PolitiFactGA has a cute Deal-O-Meter graphic. Not as cute as kittens playing piano, but cute!
  • City of Atlanta has at least one friend in its social network at the Gold Dome, Speaker of the House David Ralston.

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Sorry, but someone’s gotta ask it, and it always ends-up being me. Why was Nathan Deal wearing a worn sweatshirt at his first press conference? He looked like Santa the day after Christmas. Worn the heck out. Already? White male leadership usually manages to scramble on at least a logo’d windbreaker from a lobbyist in times of crisis.

Shaking my PR head now, as someone over there should know better’n that. To let a leader appear disheveled in public? That’s pretty much something a handler type would learn in media kindergarten. Jeez.

NOTE: photo was stolen from AJC. Sorry. I’ll take it down if y’all insist. But I’m snowed in, so not much of my own personal smart phone media being generated right now, except for that totally cute dog sledding video that ended-up all over CNN. Until then, I’ll have to cop others’.

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Nathan Deal’s first emergency in office, starting on Day One, included the glaringly un-populist behaviors of:

1.) Telling Georgians they’re on their own out there in snowed-in conditions.

2.) Using state office/power to shuttle legislators ONLY around in government vehicles (remember, in the emergency we’re under).

3.) Not answering any questions from press.

What an amazing 48 hours of utterly UN-responsive new leadership in Georgia! Is this going to be a great 4-years around here or what?! From Political Insider:

“The weather has to cooperate in order for us to do what we really need to do. So I would just urge everyone to make sure they take care of themselves, and that they do not put themselves in a position of danger,” a sweatshirted Deal told reporters invited into his meeting with disaster advisors.

But the governor, in his second day on the job, refused to respond to any questions.

There’s an emergency in Georgia, that’s fer sure. And it’s not just snow and ice remaining, uncleared, on our roads.

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Are Georgia Republicans just crackin’ you up right now, or what?! They sure hate Big Government and pork from Washington when it’s time to vote. Then once in office they can’t get enough of the greasy stuff.

So says our governor-elect, Nathan Deal to Georgia’s business leadership this week regarding what exactly is needed to dredge our lovely Savannah harbor. And dredge forever and ever, Amen, knowing the historical incompetence of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Hopefully the federal government will come through with their portion of it.

The greenies, all three that I’m aware of here in Georgia, haven’t even weighed-in on what I like to call Dredge Fest. They’ve sure got a lot of reading to do over the Christmas holidays now!

Full WSB-Radio story right here.

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