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It’s the very last day of the Georgia General Assembly. Or Sine Die (*Without Day*) as it’s commonly referred to. Lots of live action online for you to follow along with. GPB’s Lawmakers, Georgia Public Broadcasting, provide live streams of the chambers. The House live cam/stream is here.

The best live blog for your participation (it takes in Tweets using the #GAsinedie and #GApol hashtags too) is here.

Also, there will be a 6pm rally at the Capitol today to protest HB87. The immigration bill that’s causing such a stink. It’s a gorgeous day out, and that rally will no doubt be very well attended.

Happy Sine Die! And a quickie video package I did for CBS-Atlanta for last year’s Sine Die is here.

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Many Georgia state representatives and senators, representing an array of GA regions and both political parties, came down the stairs during their lunch break today to speak to the (Facebook-genesis) rally/the people/the voters gathered at the foot of the Gold Dome. A video snippet is here.

Loads of media were present, so they’ll be plenty of coverage on your evening local news, AJC, CL, etc.

Some of these decent, fair politicians are being listed now on the Facebook Group, Georgians for Sunday Sales. Please take a moment to call/email one or three and THANK them for being there, and for being so supportive.

Seeing such a politically diverse group made me realize how strong a hold a very religious, very few really DO have on our legislation in this state. A choke-hold. More on that matter from the Creative Loafing Editorial Board here.

But these Rs and Ds in the state legislature who support Sunday Sales/SB10 also need to pressure their less brave legislative brethren in the GA Senate – where SB10 went to die in a closed-door caucus – and bring it back!

You can do this oh brave and non-beholden to Baptistan legislators! Yes you can! The people want you to. As the CL editorial said, stop fretting over the votes you might lose and start embracing the votes you can win.

NOTE: If you are Tweeting about Sunday sales in Georgia use the hashtag #SundaySales. Let’s show these GA pols what our data can look like when it’s all in one place.

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Ode to an earmark. By Georgia Senators Isakson and Chambliss.

*An earmark by any other name is… oh just give us the damn dredging money.*

From the AJC:

Isakson and U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., have indicated they’d request the money via congressional earmarks, the much-disparaged practice that lets congressmen steer money to their home states. GOP House leaders have pledged to prohibit earmarks.

“I don’t look at this as an earmark,” Chambliss said. “It’s not like this is a new, out-of-the-blue thing that nobody’s talked about in the past. [It’s] funding for economic development.

*Will you be mine for some earmarks, President Obama?* say Georgia Republicans.

But it’s Mayor Reed who shows up at the door with roses, chocolates… and Georgia Ports Authority’s cap in hand. Because harbors don’t get dredged and dredged and dredged, forever, without earmarks. Simple as that.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

UPDATE: Obama just tossed chump change at the feet of GA Republicans. I hope he chortled while they scooped up their pennies.

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Nathan Deal’s first emergency in office, starting on Day One, included the glaringly un-populist behaviors of:

1.) Telling Georgians they’re on their own out there in snowed-in conditions.

2.) Using state office/power to shuttle legislators ONLY around in government vehicles (remember, in the emergency we’re under).

3.) Not answering any questions from press.

What an amazing 48 hours of utterly UN-responsive new leadership in Georgia! Is this going to be a great 4-years around here or what?! From Political Insider:

“The weather has to cooperate in order for us to do what we really need to do. So I would just urge everyone to make sure they take care of themselves, and that they do not put themselves in a position of danger,” a sweatshirted Deal told reporters invited into his meeting with disaster advisors.

But the governor, in his second day on the job, refused to respond to any questions.

There’s an emergency in Georgia, that’s fer sure. And it’s not just snow and ice remaining, uncleared, on our roads.

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